ERS Restoration Services

There is no substitute for experience. ERS' staff has nearly 200 years combined experience in the property claims business. ERS has the expertise you need to assess the damage, estimate the repair cost, and manage your repairs. For nearly two decades ERS has developed and maintained a reputation for excellence in the industry. This reputation for excellence has allowed ERS to participate in preferred vendor programs for many of the finest insurance companies in the industry. In the property claims repair industry, experience and a reputation for excellence are the most important criteria for selecting the right contractor to complete your restoration process. Experience and excellence in work habits are crucial in understanding how to work with insurance carriers, understanding and properly estimating the costs to repair the damages as well as understanding where the possible hidden issues are, as well as successfully working with local building departments as needed, and managing and producing the required repairs in a neat, orderly, and efficient manner. ERS hopes you never have an insurance claim that requires repairs, but when you do, make ERS your preferred contractor too. You will appreciate the difference we can make.

ERS Mission Statement:

ERS believe that by offering unmatched customer service our employees would benefit as well. When a company has satisfied customers, they also have excited and productive employees that truly enjoy their work. The customer receives our full attention each day. ERS is fully licensed and fully insured. All our work is guaranteed. When required, ERS employs skilled specialists (structural engineers, plumbers, electricians, hygienists, etc.). Our customers can be confident that all repairs meet all federal, state, local and industry standards and requirements. Toll Free: 888-ERS-Team - Pompano Beach, FL.: 954-972-6604 McDonough GA.: 678-583-4336 - Palm City, FL.: 772-419-3000 American Owned & Operated

ERS Credo:

ERS believes that our real business is solving problems. We solve the Insured’s problems, the adjuster’s problems, and the Insurance Carrier’s problems. All three are our customer. ERS exists because we provide the best possible service to these three customers above all else. In order to provide this service we must encourage and develop people for our company through integrity and ethical practices. Growth and profits are a necessary means and measuring stick of our success. Our success will be a direct result of our fanatical attention to consistency, attention to detail, hard work, and continuous selfimprovement. ERS will reward those who demonstrate a willingness to adopt the ERS CREDO and become responsible for our continued growth and success.