ERS Fee Based Estimated Services:

An old adage says “When you need something important done, ask a busy person.” In the claims repair industry being busy means you have become recognized as being the best at what you do. Why would you want anyone but the ‘best’ claims repair contractor doing your repairs? You shouldn’t! It’s too important for you and your family not to use the best company possible. Being the best in your industry means expending time and energy to get it right, the first time. That fanatical attention to detail comes at a cost, an estimating fee. It is a necessary practice to eliminate as much wasted time as possible, so we can concentrate on customers who are serious about needing out assistance. We do extend estimate fee credits on all contracts for restoration services rendered. When you are serious about getting the best contractor to give you the most accurate and appropriately priced estimate for your repair issues, call the one you can always count on, ERS.